Monday, April 10, 2006

Bolts (nuts and machine screws)

I love bolts. They make life so easy; if only everything was held together with them. A few days ago it was very windy and a fan on the porch broke, leaving a blade near parallel with the one next to it. The head had been hewn off one of the two bolts that holds it in place.
If it had, for instance, been glued on, the blade would have come off entirely, smashing through the glass table below. It might have required a whole new set of blades, which would have been expensive, a new table, and many hours of work. But instead, all I had to do was back out the bolt stub, take it to the garage, and get a matching machine screw (so that I could use a screwdriver), and put it in. Done in less than two minutes. I love bolts.

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